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  • Dr. Trevor Thomas, DC

    Dr. Trevor graduated Summa Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2007 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bluffton University. While at Bluffton University, he met his wife, Kristin Stutzman from Berlin, OH. Kristin graduated from Hiland in 2000. They were married in 2004 and have 3 children, ages 15, 12, and 10.  The whole family is active chiropractic patients. All 3 kids were adjusted the day they were born and continue to support their health through chiropractic care.

    Dr. Trevor loves taking care of families especially newborns and toddlers.

    Throughout school, Dr. Trevor was actively involved in athletics; because of this, he easily makes the correlation between athletic performance and body functionality. He believes that in order to achieve peak performance, the body must operate at its prime. He utilizes adjustment as well as soft tissue work and stretching to keep your athlete performing at their potential. He also really enjoys taking care of whole families to help them achieve optimal nervous system functioning.

    Dr. Trevor Thomas provides chiropractic adjustments utilizing several different techniques either by hand or using the instrument called the Activator. Each family member may be different in how their body responds to an adjustment so Dr. Thomas matches each family member with the appropriate technique.

  • Heidy Matronia
    Lead Chiropractic Assistant/Personal Trainer

    Heidy has been with Thomas Family Chiropractic since 2015 as a Chiropractic Assistant.  With our supplement line of Standard process, you have the option to sit down with Heidy and review which supplements make the most sense for you. She is outgoing and loves taking care of others, which why she loves her job.  She is passionate about health and wellness in a holisitic approach.  Before TFC, she worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for many years.  Her role at TFC includes first day visit with New Practice Members, marketing, and individual or group fitness training.

    While not at TFC, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 4 girls, stepson, and granddaughter.

  • Kristin Thomas
    Office Manager

    Kristin has served as receptionist, chiropractic assistant, and office manager since the beginning in 2011.  She is now Office Manager and keeps the lights on.  She is also the wife of Dr. Trevor and helps keep him on track.  She loves being healthy and keep our team prepared for everything.  One of her favorite things about our office is seeing babies starting chiropractic care and the benefit for them.

  • Kayla Fouts
    New Patient Advocate

    Kayla will help guide you through your first visit and performs our computerized scans with the Insight Subluxation Station.  She is compassionate and has been great fit at TFC.  She enjoys having her whole family getting chiropractic care at TFC.  She has been with TFC since 2020.

  • Maria Miller
    Front Desk

    Maria is one of the smiling faces you see when you first walk into the office.  Her bubbly personality will make you feel like part of our family the first time you meet her.  She joined TFC in 2022 and loves everything about chiropractic.

  • Hannah Edwards
    Front Desk/New Patient Advocate

    Hannah is one of the smiling faces you first meet when walking into our office.  She joined TFC in April 2023.  She is a great addition and will help you with your appointments as well as during our New Practice Members first visit.

  • Jenny Hoover
    Therapy/New Patient Advocate

    Jenny is a therapist for our newest therapy called SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy.  She also will teach you simple, quick exercises you will be able to do at home that will aid your recovery and overall health.  She has background in health care and exercise therapy.  Chiropractic is a new field for her but she fits in great and able to bring her skills to help you with your care. She joined TFC in May 2023.

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